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Reviews for "asdfmovie3"


I love the common gags expressed in a hilarious ways and there was a number of original ones ! The voice acting is brilliant and the animation is decent. The only thing I'm disappointed with is the absence of color. I understand it is intentional to not have color for this animation but it just seems lazy. Overall, excellent work !

lol funny

honey why is the baby on fire?


Hellhunter those characters in the film are not even stick figures. If they were stick figures, they should have thin arms, thin legs, thin body, no handa, no foot and a circle head, with no eyes or mouth. Sometimes they do have eyes and mouth.


dude, what program did u use to make this cuz i want to make a animation

Hilarious and good animating

also hellshunter this animation series is much better than stick figures on crack I have seen hundreds of animations named "stick figures on crack" all of them were poorly animated stick figures in pivot stick animator and the majority of the scenes were just stick people getting crushed by poorly copy and pasted fanta cans that scream Homers D'oh catchphrase. These are not even stick people. great animating and sketches!