Reviews for "Lockout"

I can't describe how I feel about this song with words Its just perfect. I've heard some really good songs but this is the song of angels. I can die happy now because I have heard this song. :)

Lockyn responds:

Wow. Really appreciate your heartfelt words... You've gotta be exaggerating haha. Thank you for listening and I'm glad you enjoyed it this much. :) Cheers!

Lockyn, This is a great song. I like 00:30 and the drop at 1:00, My point is I LOVE IT!

Also It would make my day if you checked out my Artwork, I'm fairly good.


Lockyn responds:

Thank you for listening :) I will try and check out your stuff if I have time, very busy recently. Cheers!

Simply a masterpiece.

May I know what's the BPM by the way? :^)

Lockyn responds:

128 BPM!

My now top 1 of song of choice!! 10 out of 5!! amazing! just that melody is perfect! GG!

Lockyn responds:

thank you <3