Reviews for "Lockout"

Yet ANOTHER epic track from you!
Im too lazy to write a proper review.
So I hear some great piano stuff , synth is awesome that arpy melody man, its awesome
drums are yea boring ,love the buildup around 1:25 or so,really no complaints here besides that drums in the introish part

Lockyn responds:

Thanks so much man! I really do need to work on my percussion >__< LOL you just wrote a proper review, dunno what you're talking about! :P Cheers mate.

OMG I didn't really you had this song now this is one of my favorite audio keep up the good work!!!!!!!! (Sorry I meant to write all that in Capitals.)

Lockyn responds:

Thank you! <3 I appreciate it.

Almost forgot about this one lol.
1:00-1:15 and the second drop are my favorites in this one.

PS. Azazal EDMS house burned down.
Donations in this link:

Lockyn responds:

Thank you for the review :)

I heard about Azazal, really hope things turn out well for him :(

I AM absolutely liking this, i like the first drop always hearing this song makes me happy. do you mind if i use this in geometry Dash? (if i wrote something wrong im realy sorry im not from england)

Lockyn responds:

go for it!

Impressive job on this song! :)