Reviews for "Lockout"


Lockyn responds:

thank ya!

Sidewinder told me about you. I see what he meant. Your fucking amazing. On to my review:
I love the pads in this song. Despite it being a banger, you managed to give this track a nice, dancey and chill vibe. I'm liking the second drop. It has a different build-up and actual drop that you don't normally hear in house songs.
Guess that's why they call it Lockyn House..
Cheers! Keep up the good work!

Lockyn responds:

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed my style :) Cheers!

I love the sound of the melody! I just all around love this song! Still one of my favorite after months. I somehow managed to not overplay this XD Good job Lockyn :D

Lockyn responds:

Thank you meow :D

Almost forgot about this one lol.
1:00-1:15 and the second drop are my favorites in this one.

PS. Azazal EDMS house burned down.
Donations in this link:

Lockyn responds:

Thank you for the review :)

I heard about Azazal, really hope things turn out well for him :(

A nostalgic feeling song :D

Lockyn responds:

thank you :)