Reviews for "Lockout"

For a little background, I am a (beginning to quit) pianist who knows absolutely no terminology whatsoever connected with these types of songs (though I do at least have a decent ear for music). I apologize for where I will make wordy descriptions of a certain instrument/section because I do not understand the terminology.

With that aside, I'll get on to the actual review. Good parts first.

I love the flow and energy throughout the song. The squeaky soprano is unique (and is enough to make my brothers detest this song haha, I like it though) and brings something new and interesting to the table. It helps to energize the song. The transitions are very smooth, which is great. The melody is just awesome and isn't over-repetitive. The balance between instruments is good. In summary, the great melody and skillful use of it as well as the energy flowing throughout the song are the main parts of what makes me like this song.

Now, on to the critical part. Hopefully I'm not too nitpicky here.

I think enough people have told you about the bass, so I'll skip that.
You probably also know the problem from the beginning up till 0:30, so I'll pass over that too.
The buildup to the first drop (from 1:15) is relatively dull and uninteresting. It needs a little more variety (by the way, you did very well with the buildup to the second drop).
Next is one of the biggest problems in my opinion. All the piano parts, although carrying a beautiful melody, have sharp accents all over the place that don't fit in at all. What could be a very smooth, flowing melody is rudely interrupted by accents everywhere which simply disrupt the flow of the piece. They don't provide any support and make the entire part just sound off (okay, I might be nitpicking too much since I'm a pianist and obviously synthesized instruments won't sound as good as real pianists on real pianos). However, I really think that the accents destroy much of the beautiful flow what would otherwise be there.

I think that's about it. I liked this track a lot and will go check out some of your other songs. Have fun creating songs!

Lockyn responds:

Thank you man, your feedback is greatly appreciated! synth piano doesn't really compare to real playing even with humanization techniques I feel you.

Actually my fav song ;3;

Lockyn responds:

thank you mate!

Nice song! And my god i didn't know its that old.

Lockyn responds:

Yeah its decently old haha

Even though it's an old song, it is still amazing. Some of your best work imo.

Lockyn responds:

thank you!

Simply a masterpiece.

May I know what's the BPM by the way? :^)

Lockyn responds:

128 BPM!