Reviews for "Lockout"

I am VERY tired so my review may be all over the place, and I'll try to keep this short, but this piece is awesome with exceptional mastering and overall quality.
It could maybe use more bass, and that squeaky lead gets annoying/repetitive in places.
I do love this track though, and since I don't know where I'm going with this; Well done!

Lockyn responds:

Yup, that bass :c I'll keep that in mind, everybody is mentioning it LOL. That lead I KNOW it's hard to not get annoying but I tried my best D: Thanks very much FL! :D

I like it. It's definitely a decent track indeed, but there's this one thing that's missing in the whole track and needs it so much.


Seriously, while everything else sounds great and pushes energy right into your face in a good manner, there's just not enough bass to support the whole thing. It's like missing the whole ground floor plan. Seriously, the whole low shelf is gone. This may probably be because of the track's semi-minimalist style, which fits for the purpose pretty well.

I'd still recommend taking an another look at it in your next track, mate.

There's also an another complaint I could think of: There's some odd volume levels going on in this track.
Try switching between something like 1:54 and 5:12, for an example. There's definitely something weird going on with the decisions how loud some specific instruments are, piano being the most obvious example.

But yeah, I don't have nothing much else to say. All I can do now is to snip it down to a simple sentence, telling you that it's a pretty good track indeed. I liked it.

I might as well add you to favs for more tracks in the future.

3,5 / 5

- DuoCore (ex Xtrullor)

Lockyn responds:

Hey man, thanks so much for your concise and honest feedback! I agree completely with your comments on the bass in this track. I actually didn't even notice really until you mentioned it and I checked the EQ on the master channel - holy crap you're right. Not intentional. Perhaps it would be better if I used proper headphones/speakers to mix instead of laptop speakers LOL. Anywho... I get what you're saying and I'll have to keep that in mind. Volume was another issue I had in arranging the track - I couldn't really get a feel of transitions, and I hope I managed to make it listenable anyways despite the huge volume changes. Thanks for stopping by man, really appreciate it and I'm glad you liked it! BTW. I did follow you and Alan on SC, but I guess I might as well follow here too? :D

Like the Door said it has that energy and flow like gradient which is good thing because that means you're defining your own style. (:
So a few things:
I'm too lazy to pinpoint all my feelings about this track but ill address a few things..
The intro I enjoyed for the most part but I don't really like the snare, there were just a fewww times where the kick and snare clashed but that could be the compression (idk) I love the chord hits with the squeaky synth THOUGH I really really really wish you'd bring out more reverb and delay on every single thing cause it sounds too dry to me. I know you work in audio but use moreeeee verbbbb. Like on that piano I have have to listen really hard to hear the verb.. :p nonetheless it was fabulous! :)

Lockyn responds:

AHH ITS DETIOUS <3 Haha thanks for stopping by man, really appreciate it! Yeahh... that kick and snare annoyed me too... I just couldn't get them to work together sometimes xD I feel ya on the reverb and delay. I gotta work on improving that. >__< Thanks again man! :D

Yet ANOTHER epic track from you!
Im too lazy to write a proper review.
So I hear some great piano stuff , synth is awesome that arpy melody man, its awesome
drums are yea boring ,love the buildup around 1:25 or so,really no complaints here besides that drums in the introish part

Lockyn responds:

Thanks so much man! I really do need to work on my percussion >__< LOL you just wrote a proper review, dunno what you're talking about! :P Cheers mate.

yes...Yes...YES!!! :D This is evidently an amazing track. I love all the instruments and the mood and the melodies. It's very climactic and catchy and engaging. The progression and texture reminds me a lot of "Gradient," with the rhythmic chords and the flyin' melodic trance-ish synths. I love the structure and the dynamic contrast. The melody is a little hard to follow at times, but in a way that adds a lot to the mood and atmosphere of the piece. I'd love to see you work on making the drums a little more interesting in the future...not just kick-hat-clap-hat-kick-hat-clap-hat, y'know? I really liked the way you ended this one, though. It seemed so lounge-esque and relaxing all of a sudden, like I just walked from an NYC club to the Ritz hotel! XD Anyway, amazing work, and I'm super pumped for the other tracks Kyle. This one's going to win you some fans, man! ;D

Lockyn responds:

HALLO MY FRIEND! You are awesome for reviewing this. Thanks so much man for your feedback, I always value it. I completely understand about the percussion... you nailed one of my many weakpoints LOL. I suck at it. And I understand about the melody... I was having trouble with it, so I kinda just said after like 543542353 edits "I'M DONE!". Yeah. Great metaphor LOL. Thanks man! You da best :D