Reviews for "Lockout"

I am obsessed with this song xD. Really, its one of the best songs on Newgrounds.

Lockyn responds:

Wow, thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed :)

This is a pretty freaking awesome song. Like, REALLY. PLEASE DON'T STOP MAKING MUSIC, I WOULD BE HEARTBROKEN xD
P.S. Since i already reviewed you're previous song, "Sequence", I couldn't add anything to my review or make another one. But i have to say that Sequence is STILL my favorite song on my phone, in fact, it's my favorite song I've ever listened to (not even joking), out of 312 songs, you made my #1!
Thanks for the awesome music :D

Lockyn responds:

Hello BilboSwaggins! Nice seeing you here :D

DOOD. You're such a flatterer. STAHP. xD You'll inflate my head too much LOL. Thanks so much man, really appreciate the kind words <3 And please, I'm sure there's some pro producer out there you like more :P

PS. Don't worry about it! :D I'm glad you came here to review, and holy smokes you are a huge huge huge flatterer LOL I don't even believe you! :P I'm so happy you could say so though, glad you like the song that much <3 Cheers man, thanks so much for your support!

How the hell have I not reviewed this track yet? What. WHY.

This is a f**kin' bangin' track, mate. I seriously love this, it makes me want to dance like an IDIOT, then it calms down, with that sexual piano and the SNAPS. Then IT HITS YOU HARDER, AND MY GOD, I dunno what synth that is, but it sounds like a modernized Genesis Chipset thing, I dunno, I suck at this music stuff, BUT HOLY HELL, it sounds sooo goooood. Then you come back down with an awesome mix of piano and synth and SNAPS, god damn.

You should be proud that you made this, this is seriously something I can't even compare to, at least, NOT YET! >:3

Anyways, this is outstanding, and if the rest of the EP is even CLOSE to as good as this, then you'll go somewhere big in NO time, I promise you that.

Keep up the everything.

Lockyn responds:


Thanks so much. Those snaps awsum I know, I was like THIS IS THE ONLY REASON THIS TRACK IS GOOD LOLOLOL.

I am proud! You already compared MUAHAHAHAHAHA

dude, thanks... I hope so. You're awesome you know that? :D

God damn man, this is something I would love to say that I made!

Good mixing, good stereo field, good instruments, good everything!

Sounds very much like Monstercat, which is why I love it.

Good job on this one, looking forward to hewing more from you :)

Lockyn responds:

Holy, thanks man! That's a huge compliment x) Glad you liked it, and thanks for stopping by! :D

This is one of the best songs I've heard in a while. Great job :D

Lockyn responds:

Hey iBurger! Thanks for reviewing and the kind words, greatly appreciated ^__^ Cheers my friend!