Reviews for "Lockout"

Awesome song, I'm more of a Pop person, with stuff you hear on the radio, but very rarely I hear an AMAZING song that doesn't have lyrics and isn't pop, which is what I heard right now ;). The part that appealed to me most was 30 onward, I loved the whole song though :)

Lockyn responds:

I'm glad I was able to convert you even for a little while :) happy you enjoyed mate, cheers!

Lockyn, This is a great song. I like 00:30 and the drop at 1:00, My point is I LOVE IT!

Also It would make my day if you checked out my Artwork, I'm fairly good.


Lockyn responds:

Thank you for listening :) I will try and check out your stuff if I have time, very busy recently. Cheers!

This is the best house song i've ever heard! I especially like the part from1:00 to 1:13
I love all your songs and you are my favourite artist in Newgrounds :)
How do you make these awesome songs?I'd love to make songs like you do!:D
Keep making tracks like this!;)

Lockyn responds:

Hey! Sorry, for some reason I didn't see this until now. Thanks so much for the kind words, I'm so flattered that I'm your favorite! I was thinking about doing tutorials/walkthroughs for my tracks or perhaps how to make some of my signature synths, but I'm not sure yet. I still need to get a webcam and mic for that. Would you be interested? Cheers, I will for sure!

I don't really like the intro. But the parts at 1:28 and 4:08 make up for it. Great song m8. :)

Lockyn responds:

Glad you enjoyed! Much appreciated for the feedback man :)

No words... Just 5 stars... OMFG you give me one of the biggest eargasms. I am sad that if I would not play Geometry Dash, I wouldn't know about you and your amazing work... I am happy that I found you and I can support you ^-^
Btw the name tho ;)

Lockyn responds:

LOL THANK YOU MAN. These reviews are what make my day, thank you so much! Thanks for reviewing two of my tracks, really appreciate the love. Geometry dash has helped me so much haha, you guys are the best for coming to listen after playing the levels. Your support means the world to me!

Also... I dunno what you're talking about ;) ;) ;)