Reviews for "Belial Chapter 2.5"


rubixcube ima filipino too! Pero hindi ako marunong pag tagalog. This game is so awesome wish you could make more of these!

very nice

Liked it very much, but,lilith could hold something like 1-2 mins more to belial acquire full power.

The puzzles are sorta harder then before

The 2nd candle with matching the shapes I tried matching it with the bored but nothing is happening -.-;; good game I guess...


DAMN SATAN HE KILLED HIM!!!he just got his true form and WHAM!Is that skull guy up to summit?In the third do somethin like revive him or summit.Did lilth die?.....Damn satan and stuff.Nice game.Puzzles a bit confusin tho,but hey that makes a great game :D


Simply put, when's the sequel coming out?