Reviews for "Belial Chapter 2.5"


I got one crazy ending "diabolist" XD
I learned allot! Though will there be more like this?
I loved the logic puzzles too. I loved it so much I will play it again
specially because it reminds me of kings quest multiple types or puzzles.

keybol responds:

Yes there will be more of Belial!


So, they are addin onto from chapter 1. idk if anyone remembers, but chapter 1 had 2 endings. This is the result of ending 2 to chapter 1.

Loved it

I enjoyed going around, collecting stuff and solving puzzles. Not too difficult, good for ending the day :) The ending was kinda disappointing indeed, but then again, it is hell we're dealing with so I doubt it's final...

amazing game :D
also the dude under my comment is really damn helpful :P

Nice game.For the people who don't get why this seems unconnected to chapter 2:
Remember that at chapter 1 you had 2 choices?Well,2 choices=2 games.If you decide to go straight back to hell and fight Satan,that is chapter 2.If you wish to unleash your true form,chapter 2.5 .Just look!What do you see in the intro?The head of the guy that you had to do 4 steps to kill,because,REMEMBER!,in chapter 1,to unleash your true form you need to kill 8 people,and that guy was 1 of them.So if you killed him,it means you chosed to unleash your true form.This is why this is CHAPTER 2.5 AND NOT 3!It's just an alternate choice!Well,hope this helped some people.