Reviews for "Luffy vs ichigo part 1"

WOW we need you

Wow. You are a good spriter. PM me and I will link you to smashbrosepitome!

Kimathi responds:

what's this ?


One of the best Sprite Fights I've ever seen O_O

That was so incredible, fast, and full of rage - just like a true anime battle between two famous characters should be - HOW COME THE LOW SCORE >:( ?? Come on people - bad sprite animations get higher score than this o_O

And I know what was missing, vCam! You should use it - search for it and download it. With it, you can make Screen Shakes, and that would totally enhance the intense attacks, it would feel really alive ;)

Again, great fight - but VERY underrated!

PS: 12 Years old?? You are crazy, this is EXTREMELY GREAT for a 12 years old :D

Kimathi responds:

Thank you so much that I used extensively
and it gives me confidence in myself: D


im speechless

love it

2 of my fav anime

Nice, but

I would appreciate the option of a replay button instead of a timed restart.
Otherwise it's a great flash, love the scene where Luffy has Ichigo spinning in midair, though everything after Ichigo goes bankai i awesome.