Reviews for "Luffy vs ichigo part 1"

Good but...

You overemphasised certain moves and kept things very static. The biggest complaint I probably have is just on the smaller things. No loading screen/play button, sound effects were overpowering compared to the animation. Small things that I would have like to seen weren't in. (not story wise, animation wise).

Regardless, you did a good job. Obviously has an Alvin Earthworm style to it. If you need somebody to direct you and give tips/help I'm always available. I don't post my stuff here anymore on NG since it just gets flooded by the random hentai and crap.

Good job. :)

Kimathi responds:

thank you for your support ^^

who won?!?

who won in the end even though its obvious ichigo would! and wtf is with the end???

Kimathi responds:

excuse me this will not happen again ...

Nice, but

I would appreciate the option of a replay button instead of a timed restart.
Otherwise it's a great flash, love the scene where Luffy has Ichigo spinning in midair, though everything after Ichigo goes bankai i awesome.

Not bad...

not bad at all.

WOW we need you

Wow. You are a good spriter. PM me and I will link you to smashbrosepitome!

Kimathi responds:

what's this ?