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Reviews for "Nuclear Spring"

First time I've given a perfect score to a clock.

It took some time, but I've come to accept that CC members' voices are computer-generated. Now that I'm past that obstacle, I find it a lot easier to vote positively on CC animations. You have JohnCJG and his Arby n' the Chief series to thank for that.

The artwork was flawless, the audio was great, animation was good enough, the story was just fine, and it didn't endlessly loop. You are a credit to your crew, and I think better of the CC because of you. Good work.

RadioTubeClock responds:

Thanks for the review! Ironically I've since moved on to real voices for my movies.


I really enjoyed this. Two post nuclear meltdown robots searching for roses. Great concept! The art and music where really great to. Good Job!

RadioTubeClock responds:


That was poignant and depressing

Oh, just another, typical, light-hearted clock movie... oh... um.... huh. *Slinks off feeling shitting about nuclear war*

RadioTubeClock responds:

Thought I'd do something different :P
Thanks for the review!


this was beautiful, the scenery was incredible and the story was great. you have a great eye. i dig the angles in which the shots were taken and the color scheme, it makes me want to see more of that world! great work and thank you for using my song.

RadioTubeClock responds:

Thanks, glad you like it! I love your music too, it definitely helps to set the atmosphere.

oh dear.

what a great sight for me, to watch this movie... great stuff, man... great stuff...
the backgrounds are 100% improved than the last month i saw your works (by that i mean, you became EVEN better, and i must add, your older works, were NOT bad, but you simply took it one more level up.) i can't believe the great details you did for the city, that should be a BG, or at least a wall-paper, on some screen, amazing works, amazing works, love the tank and the airship that broke as well, as the broken buildings, good, evn if depressing. i like the message of hope there, too bad humans didn't survive the attack.
anyway, nice story, and pretty fun. i think i should've given the roses to PMS, anyway, and man, i hope you didn't do the same mistake with rose, lol...
jk jk, but still, i enjoyed the movie. once more, great.
and definatelly worth your time... it did with mine...
it's a privilege and an honour to be in your movies, radiotube, i truly do BELIEV that.
you rock, man, you do.
also, i may add, the ending was funny. ''there 2 kinds o' people. the ones who want closure...'' and credits, haha good stuff. once again, you did great

RadioTubeClock responds: