Reviews for "Zombie Korps"

Possibly your best game on NG

I can see some very slight similarities with 'Palisade Guardian,' in that the player is placed perpendicular to the enemy's line of advance. Other than that, this game is quite different, and vastly superior to that one.

The graphics were excellent, and even on my rather old computer, I experienced no lag. The level of weapon detail was incredible; the only flash games in which I have seen something similar is in 'Weapon' and 'Sierra 7.' The weapon choices were also excellent and unique--you clearly did your research, as you portrayed them all quite accurately.

The difficulty curve was appropriate. The game started out a bit tricky with the .357 magnum desert eagle, but became easier as one got access to better troops, weapons, and the very useful LAM.

There are only two things (not worth detracting any points for) that I did not find perfect. First, the troop progression was a bit odd. The guards armed with shotguns were superior to the more expensive 'Trooper' types (did not try the snipers, as I found no use for them). That makes sense, as we all know that shotguns are the ideal anti-zombie weapon. However, perhaps they should be placed higher on the upgrade list to justify the other soldier types.

Second, I would have preferred a different starting weapon, or the choice of one. The weapons depicted in the game were all typical of what special forces operators use, with the exception of the Desert Eagle. It's a civilian weapon with no military utility. (Not even police use that pistol.) Perhaps a Beretta 92f (M9), Sig P226, Glock 17, or even a M1911 would fit the game a bit better.

Overall one of the best zombie games I have ever played. It's a shame that this game did not get more recognition and appreciation, and that all people see are [very inaccurate] comparisons to Palisade Guardian. This game is much much better.

great for killing time

The post below me already covered my issues with this game, but I still liked it. If you are needing a game to kill 15min to an hour(max) , and like paliside guardian , this game is for you

seen it before

i dont appreciate playing the same game just reskinned and adding the ability to make troops either make a real game or improve upon what was already broken from the previous entry


Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaves


Just a daily night in the woods...with troops....killing hillbillies?