Reviews for "Jonas Brothers Immolation"

Why wasn't this done sooner?

Seriously this should've been made years ago and I'm surprised it took this long. But hey, better late then never to kill off those dipshits by an angry awaken dragon none the less hahahahaa.! Keep up the good stuff!

Some Tips

Well, I have to agree with the previous guy about the sound quality. I think it could have done a little better, just saying. BUT, on the bright side, the death pf the first Jonas was freakin' hilarious. Overall, I give it an 8 because of the sound quality and the first death. Btw, the animation of the dragon flying up into the air before he shot flames at the house was great. I think, if you would consider this, that instead of working so much on the detail on the dragon during the parts like when he's in the cave, you should work on the detail a lot when it's like a face shot. When he's moving though, make it like that take-off earlier. Less detail, faster and smoother video. Finally, try using audacity. It helps the sound a lot when you are making a video where there is a lot of voiced dialogue. Just my two cents.

Don't mess with dragons...

Especially chromatic ones, since they'll definitely kill you. Metallice ones will probably just do something embarressing to you.


Animation could have been a tad bit better and voice acting also. Otherwise nice work, laughed when the dragon fucked em at the end lol.


I hope that dream come true...