Reviews for "Jonas Brothers Immolation"

Not voting 5, only because you demanded it.

Even with the lack of tools you claim to have, that was...pretty terrible. The animation was choppy, the voices were far too garbled half the time, the only props you get were for the design of the dragon. Posted a few months back when the Jonas Brothers were relevant, this would have been a wee bit more entertaining. Work on your animations and get the mic out of your mouth.

One last note, that crowd was about 10 years too old to be Jonas fans.



The best amateur I've ever seen

I really don't care for your art style, but by god you did it well.

The story wasn't to great, and the jokes were hit and miss, and most people would see your art style and just give it a zero. But I was impressed when I saw some of the movements (like the one guy getting up).
Seems all you really need is a good animating style and to practice on your running animation and you'll be pretty good


I did'nt felt sorry for those faggets even at this fake scenario

Why people like them or Justin beaber and hanna montana exists!!!!! DX

Definite talent! :-)

I loathe the JB, too, but even so - you've definitely got talent! You can draw, script, edit, voice act & write. Only thing I think you need more practise at is animating at least to the same level of realism as the drawings, themselves - but that will come. Probably very quickly if you haven't already been at it for awhile. Probably the funniest example of this was the girl with the "pogo-stick" arms to the left of the one holding the "MAKE ME YOUR CONCUBINE!" sign - I loved those arms. Even when you start animating more realistically, I think that one would deserve to be made into some kind of spoof routine - not a spoof of your own toon, but perhaps for some sort of zany "superhero" with "pogo arm powers" or some such.

At any rate, keep it up, you're definitely going to make some pretty high-level stuff! :-)