Reviews for "Jonas Brothers Immolation"


The concept is good but I would of added more gore/rape for the humor lol.

The jokes in this cartoon were pretty lame, the video just dragged on and nothing really entertaining happened.The only thing tha got a kind of a smirk out of me was when the first Jonas got burned to ashes.

Also, you need some work on your animation and sound (mainly voice).

This animation could of been epic IMO because of the topic, but unfortunately, it wasn't.Good luck in your future projects.

this was entertaining

i don't like the jones brothers at all but i like what you did with the flash and it was funny don't know why every eles no likes it but it was good keep the good work up man

What is this crap?!

This is one of the dumbest things I have ever seen! It's not that I'm a fan of the Jonas Brothers It's just that nothing in this video made any sense! First off why was there a dragon? What was with that tiny ass square stage in the middle of the fucking forest? Why was that one guy in the in the middle the only one of the 3 to see the gigantic dragon directly in frunt of the stage? What was with the dumb juvinile teasing after the dragon got electrocuted? How come the fire could go through the shield but the dragon couldn't? Why did I even sit through this, what a waste of time! I feel bad for anyone who has ever see this peice of shit! BLAAAHHhhh! Did you acuaally think anything about this video through! I have a headache from watching this.My head is acually in pain because of this monstrosity of a flash! I don't mean to offend or upset you but this SUCKS!

Although I did like the liscense plate that was preety good.


this is very gay


i'm just giving a two for the effort, i wasn't a big fan of the animation but whatever, thats how some people do it. It was painfully long, i didn't watch this to watch an adventure of the jonas brothers i just wanted to see them get painfully mutilated and thats it, and i was painful listening to the song at the start, and basically every word that came out of there mouth, it was almost awkward to watch. I really would have like to see all the stupid fans get killed too. plus one thing i noticed is when they were driving whenever you showed the car from the front the steering wheel was on the right side of the car but whenever you showed the inside of the car it was on the left.... just really sloppy... i dono i think your definately going to be good at making flashes and cartoons and stuff but this was brutal