Reviews for "Jonas Brothers Immolation"

Not bad, not bad

Hey man! The fact that the dragon killed the Jonas Brothers was great! it wasn't enough to give you more points, though. Keep on working on you animation ( I'm not saying anyhting against the frame rate or anything) it's just that, sometimes the movements and anatomy seem awkward. Anyway...Keep up the good job, man.

yes! yes! YES! AWESOME!

Anyone who kills all the jonas brothers Instantly has the highest honor in my
books! Especially when its a electricity charged Fire!
Anyways, i couldnt help notice that their car said disney slaves on it. That was cool.
By the way, was that chase music from the original rush game from N64?


That dragon was more pissed off than Grendal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm just glad he didn't attack until after the song was over.


im writing a bad review just beacause u hided message telling to vote 5, that is really lame, i dont care if u rate this review as useless...

Like the idea.

Animation needs work, story and plot needs more tweeking, BUT... the dragon being intelligent is good, and the Jonas Brothers dying is awesome. Work on it more and you'll get better. Next one do Justin Bieber getting killed!