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Reviews for "LearnAlong"


I'm in single variable calculus...so not exactly high math...but I feel obligated to tell you that a) you drew the notation for absolutely value incorrectly, it's | not (, and rather than making that literally as complicated as it possibly could have been, why not just think of it as 48 - 96 as opposed to negative absolute value of 96-48. I'm sure this is intended to teach basic math, and to be frank I think throwing all that terminology at them would scare them away.

It's just a suggestion.

AnteMax responds:

I love your response TurnUp, really appreciate someone digging into the teaching like that. You're right, there is a mistake there. It's not about absolute value at all! We're just adding a positive to a negative.

I hope I didn't scare you away! I hope you find time to way in on the next iteration.


twice today have i studied how to 'foil' an algebraic equation

twice today i have been bored to tears

AnteMax responds:

Oh man, I feel you buddy. It takes a lot of imagination to make this stuff interesting. We'll try to take it further next time.


seriously What The Fuck?