Reviews for "Icy Gifts"

TIP: if you have low gifts to finish a lvl just complete lvl 7 or ohter lvls that have a lot of gifts...

Good game, one of the best on newgrounds imho... I got all the achievements in-game but didn't get the newgrounds medals... :( 5-STAR!

Splendid Game

It was quite easy to beat all the levels, but getting three stars on all of them was a whole different story. I ended up getting the secret medal before I got the 108 star medal but I was glad to finally get both of them. This is a fun action/puzzle game that takes alot of strategy to get the last two badges. I really liked the different kind of weapons such as the tesla coil, toxic gas, atom bomb, etc. Surprisingly enough, I lay my hat down to you on this game. It's great. 10/10. Hope you keep making more great games.

I liked

It's a easy, and fun game, some stages are hard for get all stars, but continue fun XD
The upgrades are cool, i love upgrade, and the secret medal... are for upgrades, AWESOME FOR ME XD

Good game

easy to finish, but fun.