Reviews for "Icy Gifts"

that was fun

but it was kinda of short i hope there will be a second one with more levels and you can boost very easily you can max all of your up grades on level 7 but hell im not saying i diden't do it

love it

Nice graphics, lovely music and an addicting playstyle.
only flaw was that it's too short. took about 15 minutes to get all stars/upgrades

gets hard to be a perfectionist later

some of the later levels are a bit of a pain. Its still quite fun, plenty of things to set of the reactions, but I always think in games like this we need a bit more control, even just having a bomb thats activated by the initial explosion but then you can choose when it detonated would be kind of cool. Or maybe thats terrible, who knows. More control maybe? Games like this are meant to be played on drugs, need to ease up on the lag and have a few more rainbow colours and stuff like, make it look real sparkly :P Pretty good, the music goes well, but I think its a bit too simple. The game is fairly easy to just complete, might wanna change that, add some special... ball things that prevent you winning, and the upgrades lessen their effects or something like that. It fun to begin but it starts getting boring near the end, needs something more in my opinion. Still fun though.

Top-of-the-line fun!!!

You did it!! You created a great game!!!!!!!


Very smooth and addicting, however, it is easy to get all the upgrades by playing a specific level over and over again.