Reviews for "Icy Gifts"


this game is awsome dude i was so addicted and couldn't stop till i got three stars on every level


fix the bug that only shows you half the game screen.

SilenGames responds:

Problem is solved! Wait admin for approval new version.


Awsome Game I Realy Liked It Good Job,I Got All THe MEdals/108stars/upgrades so easy game thanks NewGrounds! Tip:The Secret Medal Is To Purchase All THhe Upgrades :)

Love it, but never started playing

I love the looks and stuff, but i never actually got to start (this shows how much of an easy grader i am) i think it may just be because i have a mac, but the entire playing screen had been moved to the bottom right and had been cut off so i couldnt press the start button- wherever it was. might want to look into it, okay? You put plenty of effort into this and i would hate to see it wasted


this is a really good game