Reviews for "Icy Gifts"

Very good game

I was very amused by the game, its simplistic nature and Straight forward objective kept me going at it.

Graphics-9/10-Overall the graphics were great for this type of game, unfortunately, they were good enough to slow the game down a tad bit when the tesla bombs went off or the regular bombs went off in great succession.

Gameplay-10/10-Very good game play, It was fun, getting all 108 stars wasn't a chore and it was decently challenging, my only complaint is that sometime while your trying to get a couple of stars it can take a while to wait for the boxes to get into your blast radius, once they did however, it was worth it

Replay-ability-10/10-well, not much can be said here since i'm on my 6th time playing through the main part

29/30-Near perfect game!-10/10 and 5/5 hope to see this game more often.

Perfect mix of fun, time consumption, & addiction.

There needs to be more games like this on here.
Great game through and through.


I can't tell you how much I love this.

It was awesome

I loved this game. it was lots of fun and just challenging enough. ^_^


Addicting, nice music, creative and new. Got three stars on all levels... only after beating the whole game like that did I realize there was a upgrade zone! Awesome game though!