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Reviews for "filltheskywithstars"

A few things.

Graphics are really basic, you could do... anything to add a bit more colour and detail to the stars, that dropping star is a real pain to get and when you get it likely that will be game over for that star, because you can't get any refills until you get new ones in, any annoying bonus really. Allow us to go up more? Cooler stars the higher you get or something like that? Bit simple otherwise, consider exchanging the time limit for 3 lives if you do make the game any bigger, or give us ways to get time back. The music was good, worked really well, best part of the game. The screen didn't fit, i've got like one inch on the bottom and 2 inches on the right side which are permenantly teal from the loading screen, fix that. Its good, but lacking to be anything other then just a mini-game. Not really front page worthy but fun for a bit.


The graphics and the music go beautifully together but the game play itself is dreadfully boring , All you do is guide a ball of light around collecting stars over and over again till time runs out. Nothing new or exciting hear as far as game play. I said this before I say it again that nice graphics and music do not make the game by them self if the gameplay is boring you have a bad game. I would say that this is a boring game. Maybe bad is not the right word but boring is.