Reviews for "Movie Jam: Encounter"

Ive now seen everything

Im not going to say it was bad. The animation was excellent the story line was fucked up. The entire movie is worth a ten out of ten. But I believe you have single handedly given me brain damage from what I just saw at the end.


how a damaged mind to create this kind of stuff

hoh my god

thats awful (vomit) I cant give this a good score i just can't (shudder) just thougt about it again (puke) I don't remember eating that.

I had to watch it twice, wtf?! haha

I bet you loved to do the dog/squeeshy sound hahaha


Oh man, it was funny from the beginning to the end. And then to have the skinny dog that looks like a rat rape dood, thats just wrong. But its about the storyline, not the flash. Great story. Keep up the good work.