Reviews for "Movie Jam: Encounter"


That was really disgusting, yet it was... good? I don't know.
I really tough it was going to be sexy, but damn!
great animation and, as always, awesome voices by Hans.
Great Job!


That not funny, that just...Dark! Scarry and I....Didn't really see that commin'. My favorite movie by now.


i riley dont wan to say this but i have to now, THAT WAS FUCKING DISGUSTING DUDE WHAT THE FUCK???

AlmightyHans responds:

there is a 17+ warning on there


its rare

few flash's on here have me write a review where i put 'lol'. Most of which never actually made me laugh at all. So congratulations, this flash had me laughing all the way through! Great job I loved it!!


The art style was awesome. The execution was awesome. Everything about this is hilarity with a good dose of "don't let this happen to YOU!"

Seriously, the ending was priceless, did not see that coming!