Reviews for "Movie Jam: Encounter"

oh lawd

that was....interesting. that poor dude

i thought

thatrape was going to last forever lmao and the sounds...ewww!

It did get worse

Well, this is the first Movie Jam I have reviewed today and boy was it a freaky one. The weirdest thing about this is that it was so amazingly unpredictable. What is this dog doing having sex with this guy and where did he come from? The good part is that it works well in its utter surrealism. It almost seemed like a more humorous cartoon at first, especially with the woman's breasts bouncing. It is of course hard to tell whether this was supposed to be serious.

I guess I am going to start getting used to seeing that logo of the guy about to kill himself. The animation in this was nice and it's impressive so many people worked on this! I am very proud to welcome Jenny Stout to the never ending number of people here. Already working on art on a front page thing with a well known guy here? Quite impressive.


One of the best flash in the Jam!! SO hilarious! I thought the girl was going to a dude. But you fooled my ass. Very very good. I love it!

Incredibly fucked up