Reviews for "Movie Jam: Encounter"

Many, many LULLZ

HAHA, I didn't know Movie Jam could be this great :P
Cool facial expressions and a great plot. How the lipstick turns into... euhhh.. XD


Wow... i did not see that coming... wow the ending made me just wow. great vid though like awesome that made my day...sort of now im ganna go clean my eyes

Was that a dog or a giant rat?

Best cartoon ive seem in a while had me laughing for so long and seriously that thing at the end couldnt have been more gruesome :D


That was amazingly twisted and funny. The whole thing was unpredictable. I thought the hospital scene would have ended it. But the actual ending scene was brilliant. You left it long enough for it to go from funny but kind of disturbing, to just disturbing.
Animation, backgrounds and audio were excellent. You guys did a good job putting this together in 2 days.

aw maan...

funny as hell and animation was good...and no i did not see that coming. And again desperate guy - i love desperate situations =D