Reviews for "Movie Jam: Encounter"


that was seriously fucked up but it as a nice noir style nonetheless 10 for originality

Better than expected!

This wasn't as bad as I thought - it was better than expected!

It really shows in a harsh, yet somehow comedic way, how life's sometimes just a dirty dog that fucks you in the ass.

Kudos to you for depicting this strange metaphor so obviously.

>:/ Wut?

Ok, so I thought this was well animated, especially for something thrown together in 48 hours, but good God. It started going downhill for me right about when she said "I know, I just can't help myself."
Aaaanndd. The sound effects were rather disturbing, to say the least. But disturbing doesn't warrant a bad score. Just... Wow.

Btw, I told you about the stairs, bro.

holy shi-

This will go down in fuc--d up history. The surprise is was made the raunchiness acceptable. Good work, now I'm scared to watch any other new videos lol

funy but

Its so fucked up =(