Reviews for "Movie Jam: Encounter"


That lipstick made the whole film. Best Imagery ive seen on new grounds.


:D :D


I rate this animation 10/10. I've read the other reviews about how the animation is a reason to mark it down (i.e. "Wahhhh the girls cigerette isn't lit wahhhh" and it made me think. If the animation is funny and makes you laugh, mark it on that. After all some of the best animations to date have been badly animated or animated using simple little animations. It's a sick sense of humour which caters to certain people (such as myself) and as such you will get alot of people saying they didn't find it funny. But I wouldn't change the humour in your future animations based on those kind of reviews. If I could add anything to help you improve your future animations it would be "More shock value and rape please".

Very funny!

The sound/voice quality was outstanding and the timing of the piece was perfect! Animation fit the style, great job!

Once I saw the lipstick I know the saying

"Once you hear the lipstock unlocked,
be prepared to be shell-shocked"

By" God a"

Hopefully this isn't a spoiler.

Great job on being creepy and animating my new 4th worst nightmare scenario.