Reviews for "Proper Raptors"

well done my good sir

jolly animation ol' bean

Saw where this was going.

Well, I saw where you wanted the comedic factor but just wasnt funny.

.....what are they?!


I have to give credit to the background noise, the voices, the animation and the drawing which were really good (even though the drawing of the two dancers was a little rushed, and by rushed I mean that there wasn't much detail to them ).

The idea for this animation is really poor which is surprising considering the person who came up with the idea (but I guess we all have bad days). I hope no one thinks I have something against any of the people who made this as this is not true - I really respect and have a great deal to learn from people like Eddache.

I gave this animation a 0 out of 5 because:

1) I don't find it funny at all - and as it was supposed to be a comedy I just thought I should have laughed at some point (sadly this didn't happen);

2) It was really short;

3) Rushed drawing on the dancers;

4) There was little movement in the animation itself - at least we could have seen the raptors running towards the dancers which would have helped with the length of the animation as well.

I wanted to give this review because I believe that a person can learn more from people who criticise as objectively as they can. In the end one can only develop if he knows what people didn't like about something.


well.. this is very bad its not funny i mean one joke? and at that not a very good one. gave this a one because at least it has decent animation