Reviews for "Proper Raptors"

it's OK

those 2 accents were awesome i loved it the pre loader is also awesome i love the design of it animation good the writing was ok so yeah 5/5 .

Say, Old chum, how about I give this a 10?

Spiffin idea, My boy!


I love it! The sound quality is fantastic, the voice acting is splendid, and the animation was not only crisp but the style you chose in coloring for the foreground vs. the background really emphasized the "classical" feel of it. I watched this several times over just to make sure I didn't miss anything - I love the change in facial expression of the sun and moon between shots! Altogether, it was straightforward and simple - short and sweet. Everything that was included was detailed, intentional, and added to the experience. Great work.

Knew that was going to happen

Still made me lol so hard xD, great job