Reviews for "Proper Raptors"

Just as the raptor said...

"Jolly good show my man... Jolly... Good... Show..."
haha, anyways enough of my fooling around
the flash runs almost perfectly, I see no pixel or jumping problems...
although... it looks kinda funny from the front when you see the raptors faces...
but... thats probubly just me
anyways, perfect rating from me ^w^ AND A JOLLY GOOD SHOW MY MEN! *slaps all your backs with my clawed hand*
and that, is from a wolves perspective...

Jolly Good Show!!!

Spiffy idea you had here LOLZ at the end there eating them hella calmly 10/10 make another its hilarious keep it up ;D

I totally saw that coming.

But that doesn't mean it wasn't hilarious.

Clever girl...

Absolutely loved it, it was straight to the point with the comedy in this one. Good overall animation and beautiful set up for the whole joke. I'll definitely be looking for more from you in the future!


If theres one thing i know about anything its never trust a raptor.