Reviews for "Proper Raptors"

predictable yet still funny

it was obvious they would be eaten but the it wasn't terrible; animation felt alright in the sense and sake of flash, and the voicing with sound was at quite the good quality.

overall it was worth watching.


Good but could use improvement

The art is top, but I think you should remove the increase size choice, because that ruins all your nice images. Also you cant hear what the raptors are saying over the music, perhaps increasing the volume of them or decreasing the volume of the music would greatly improve the viewing pleasure of this flash.


really liked the animation and it really shows the amount of effort that went into this, and its sad you didnt make it in time but im glad you continued and submitted.
i really like the mix of the background art and the animation (character mainly) combined, so props.
although for the story the joke at the end was great it felt a little forced in notion and a little quick. although it did get a little laugh it didnt really mix together too well.
also nice voice acting!


too short + too predictable = not so funny

But.... Drawing, animation and voices are great


lol, pretty good flash video. Could perhaps add more people in seats tho.