Reviews for "Proper Raptors"


You really did this in 48 hours?


Stupendous and 2 great thumbs :D

It's great, but...

The one problem with this is that velociraptors aren't that big, those are more along the lines of Deinonychus. :D *shot*

In all seriousness, it's funny, terrifically animated given the 48-hour time period, and my personal favorite of the Movie Jam 2011 submissions I've seen. Good work!

you did this 48 hours?

damn dude, massive props to you, and the idea itself, it just...true classic comedy, sort of miss that. Anyway, the voices themselves, I loved, they were a bit quiet at parts, but the flow and delivery was solid.
Keep up the amazing work, and hopefully the collab team itself does more projects.

What would you expect?

The ARE raptors you know.... in the time of 2011 AD.... Damn..... I bet their house used t be a cave or something, now its the Empire State building!!! XD

Time Travel!!!!