Reviews for "Proper Raptors"


but i thought this was sexual lobster, but am not dissapointed :D


This is a jolly good vid. most good

Pip pip, old bean

Seriously loved the concept of upper class British snobbery displayed in a couple of Velociraptors!

And on a side note....Chuck-eh......"ravishing" does not mean raping, it means "stunningly beautiful"

Very Comedic...

I found this rather hilarious despite the fact that "ravish" means to rape. So apart from the preformance being "raping", It was quite a hilarious concept.

Good show.

Zullzee responds:

From that google dictionary thingy:

Adjective: Delightful; entrancing: "she looked ravishing".

Ravish does mean rape but for some reason ravishing means "beautiful" lol idk.

Best velociraptors...ever!

This flash just made it into my favorites list. Reason #1 There's velociraptors! Who doesn't like dinosaurs? Especially velociraptors??!! Reason # 2 These are PROPER velociraptors with a well versed vocabulary and surprisingly good manners. I wouldn't mind having a cup of tea with them, that's if they are in an adamantium cage while I'm outside.
A great flash guys, very well done, I would have loved to see what you could have done with this if you had more time.