Reviews for "Proper Raptors"

I say good show!

So that's one of the most predictable things I've ever seen. Right from the getgo, I knew that the first two words they said would be "I say," with a British accent, and then when they started talking about intermission refreshments, I knew exactly what the would be. I'd have given anyone even money if they wanted to bet against either of those things and I would have won that bet. No, I'd have given anyone 10 to 1 money if they wanted to bet against the second part. I'm just too old for shock value videos to work on me I guess. It might have been funny to me at some point in my life, but to me now, it's just trying too hard at being surprising and completely failing at it. Facepalm. Good animation, tepid joke.

Clever girls!

Those are two of the fanciest and most polite killers I've ever seen.

. . . Besides maybe Hannibal.

Those raptors.There so fancy and good, they could-okay you know what they ate those dancers.So there still evil raptors.