Reviews for "Swimmin with the Sharks"


What? Is this an inside joke? Y u no makey since?...Well...how the hell did you managed to get this outside the range of "adult"? You must be a wizard, more so than I had previously imagined. Honestly, unless there's a joke a missed, which is likely, this deserves an honest 7, out of generosity and knowledge of what you are capable of. And the 18 joke...How come you showed penis longer than you showed boobs or ass? o.0 *deep inner self revealed!*


"the day.... you tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrn 8888888888888888888888888 teeeeeeeennnnnn" that was awesome dude... and that shark looked like he neeeds some therapy now lulz....


That's sum deep stuff.

come on now

it wasnt your best work but it was fucking funny idk what kieroneus is talking about


This is easily the worst movie you have ever been a part of, egoraptor. It's a shame too, because I'm such a big fan of yours. Maybe I just don't get it because it might be based on something I didn't see, but I somehow doubt that there's really anything TO get.
In closing, I hope you refrain from doing anymore movies like this one, because it isn't worthy of you.