Reviews for "What's the Worst"


Animation is pretty decent. The voice acting is lacking and kind of annoying..it nulls out any possible comedy this could have had


What are the chances? Huh?


well despite everyone else saying what needs improving...i'll just keep quiet, loved it =P


I thought it was pretty decent. Good animation! Sound could maybe improve just a tad. Also the jokes could use some work along with the punchline. Overall not a bad flash!


it ends with a dog, or a bad puppy. the reason im only gving 6 is: too short

GotRedOnYou responds:

It had to be around a minute long, if you must know, its longer than it was supposed to be. it was part of the jam, if you dont understand, then keep quiet, or look down the list of reviews and see that your not the only one repeating boring reviews. STOP giving them out. Be critical about things, dont just let your hormones run away with things