Reviews for "What's the Worst"

Invest in a mocrophone...

And some voice acting lessons.
Animation was alright, but the acting was worse than any Nicolas Cage film.


Could have been pretty decent. It was just put together really shoddy.
That was an "Almost...but, not quite" animation.

Pretty bad...

It was pretty funny but I could barley understand the voices, the girl wasn't really attractive so I couldn't get a feel of where he was coming from. And I really didn't enjoy this at all. Sorry.


But I liked it. The voices had an odd sound to them, but I could at least understand it. Something to work on. I liked your animation, It wasn't god awful. And also, I thank you for the random moving lock of hair. I hate when people have the same picture sit there with no motion for long periods of time.That has redeemed your -1 for voice-acting. 10(initial)-1(voice-acting)+1(being smart)=10 Congrats. ;D


Tittle say it all ;-p


here voice.... no offence but big flaw. Other than that I liked the animation plus the story. Kepp it Up!