Reviews for "What's the Worst"

Felt nice

The animation could use work, not that it was bad, just needs to be smoothed out. I couldn't stand the voices though. Over all I found this to be pretty good.


hes like awwww this is the worst day of my life this is awesome!!!!!!


It was a neat animation,nothing really awesome,and not really funny stuff...nice work anyway,keep trying

that wasn't bad

i didn't have any serious problem with it but instead I saw a few small problems,

the voices were annoying,
the animation wasn't the smoothest
the ending wasn't that unexpected or funny
the animation wasn't that smooth

GotRedOnYou responds:

Two of your points are the same, thats my problem with your hard hitting review


Ironic - I had my eyelid ripped by a dog on saturday. How odd.

Overall, this was a poor film..

The comedy didn't make me laugh, the voice acting was poor, the animation was sub-par.

Try again, this time with a fresh and funny idea.

GotRedOnYou responds:

Some people are impossible to please, for 48 hours work, i'm afraid that this is good. to be amazing for you, you want walt disney quality....? Well your not going to find that on here chap. as for sub par animation, I'll take criticism from people who understand the animation process. Choose your harsh words carefully next time.