Reviews for "Righteous Santa Justice"

Came here through Heart of my cards video, love this song x) gonna listen to more of your songs!

Wow, such a nice chord progression, the melody is so nice, I love it.
This was one short but awesome song.

Man, I wish I was nearly as good as you are-
Then i'd rock haha!

Cheers bro, good job!!

sounds like something from sonic

Oh this is awesome~!

Say I was actually looking into starting letsplays now that I've got myself a new computer. Would you mind if I were to use this as say my ending or intro theme, I would of course give credit in each video it is used.

Devastus responds:

Sure thing bro, although I personally wouldn't recommend this christmas-y piece for a recurring intro, but whatever suits your fancy :P

Thanks for feedback!

The video was fucked up, but the music is awesome! An epic Christmas indeed!

Devastus responds:

Haha, hopefully you liked the video in it's own fucked up way too. Thanks for the feedback.