Reviews for "John Finds His Dog"

great job !

this made my day (:

shanekunz responds:

thanks thorswrath. you are oh too kind

Good job.

Add like, nine zeros.
One MILLION dollars!

I was having a miserable day and all since it's -35 outside and one of my tires blew on the way to work, but hell. After watching this... made my day.

shanekunz responds:

hahaha glad i could help!

ok then

although he means a billion dollars i think that this is a very good flash and that is added to by you only having 48 hours

Not bad

Animation/ Graphics: The animations were good, the colours were good and the animation was smooth. Everything also looked good especially since you only had 48 hours to animate everything.

Story: Well, what can I say about this.. umm it was a funny story but the story was like you said before pretty retarded but then agian you didn't wright this but Tom Fulp did (actually I believe EJR wrote it or the story was inspired by his post on the forums)

Overall: Overall, its not bad, like I've said before the animation was good especially since you only had 48 to make this, the voices were also pretty good, the story was pretty weird but funny at the same time. So I give this an 8 because even though it wasn't perfect it still was fun to watch. That's all I got to say.

shanekunz responds:

thanks man. but im pretty sure tom mindchamber and stamper wrote it. unless they're lying o:


Awesome :D