Reviews for "John Finds His Dog"

Excuse me?

What the...?


I looked on my song page and just happened to notice you use it :D.

Anyway, well done, fluid animation, and somewhat nonsensical dialogue. The makings of a brilliant flash, good job.


It was okay, animation was pretty good, especially the mouth syncing. The voice-acting was kinda sucky though.

And those two reviews beneath this one are stupid. The original story was two lines. It's SUPPOSED to be dumb


...that it took the writing efforts of three grown men to craft that gem of a story. Did not like the animation or anything else for that matter. Double*meh* meriting a score of double zeros.


That's some A-Grade shit right there. Most retarded story ever, hilarious lines, great comedic timing and some really funny and surreal images and animation made this a hilarious movie to watch. I loved it.