Reviews for "John Finds His Dog"


iff only it where that easy every 1 would do it.. n we wouldn't be in debit the stupid presidents put us in

5/5 Rating

At first I wasn't sure if you were looking for a 5 or a 4, and then I forgot who was gonna give you that rating until I remembered it was me. But I had to make the deal a little sweeter so I was gonna give you a 1 for the review but after a discussion with my imaginary friends, I decided on a 10.

Decent detail and coloring, smooth animation, crisp and clear audio, good choice of music, and an impressive job for the time given. I think the animation turned out great and it was amusing.

One man team! Dude!

There were some really awesome moments! Especially the beginning and ending. The conversation while making the poster coulda moved a bit faster. Otherwise, you made this sing :P


Nice it made me smile. Lol.

f'ing front page!!!

aww jizz everwhere lol murph