Reviews for "Pico and the Dandylions"


I...Well. This is was very very....strange. You WAY need to work on your animation skills. You have a wonderful voice which could be used for voice acting. But I suggest hiring someone else to make the animations/games. You could probably add more sound effects to it. I agree that eating animals is very cruel, But the human body needs it. We are both carnivores and herbavores. Although we may eat peanuts and get the proteins we need. The body doesn't work right without it.

MrScriblam responds:

Tyler Naugle - hands down the best review
Jacob Breck - i agree


Not gonna lie...pretty freaking horrible. Maybe next time buddy


That was seriously wrong on majorly fucked up levels.

MrScriblam responds:

oh my god FINALLY a negative review


the best vid i ever seen bevore

Still some loose ends.


The human fingers go one a murder-filled revenge quest now, right?

MrScriblam responds:


after they get shat out