Reviews for "Pico and the Dandylions"


Loved it.

Just lazy

A monkey could do better, serious guys wtf.

MrScriblam responds:

my gym partner's a monkey
monkey monkey monkey

there isn't really much to say about this

Didn't really like it, didn't really hate it......its another one of those "meh" type flashes. And I'll probably forget about it after I leave this page.

MrScriblam responds:

just as planned


I don't really know what to think of this. It wasn't quite deserving of a blam, but no more than a score of three at least in my opinion. Also why did you do a flash that seems to be written by a drunk person?

pico used to be so cool

i think this kinda fucked my brain up

MrScriblam responds:

looks like ill have to fuck you up a lil........