Reviews for "Pico and the Dandylions"

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This is an absolutely wonderful rendering of my story I bothered to write for the extremely well organized Movie Jam. I couldn't possibly imagine anything more spectacular then this rendition of pure enlightenment, and solitude.

The artistic flare truly stands out, and the animation is remarkably smooth. I couldn't possibly see a flaw, other then the voice acting...you didn't really have much of a "narrator type" voice (if there is a type). Hopefully you can work on that, and maybe add a replay button at the end so I can enjoy such a masterpiece over and over again without having to leave the window.

What I have all just said is nice and all, but to be truthful you have brought warmth to my heart. You have opened my ideas to new possibilities. It is truly outstanding what you guys have managed in the five minutes you took to make my pathetic little story into a reality. You even managed to figure out my hidden message about avoiding earthy foods!

I would say that the creative genius was me, but then again my story just doesn't have the juice to place me at such a high position on the ladder of life. So I think the honor of being "creative genius" belongs to both of you, 'MrScriblam' and 'Nogfish'; I would have never thought you guys would look so beautiful.

I must thank you for bringing my lonely two paragraph story to life for this professionally planned collab/event. Hugs and kisses, and all the best.

MrScriblam responds:

you're a bad writer just fyi

What the fuck did I just see?

I expect 5 minuets of my life back from you guys. in the post. with a note saying sorry. and candy.

MrScriblam responds:

its a minute and twenty seconds

are you trying to say you watched it four times?


How exactly did this end up in the front page?


Wat. Just wat.

It's not even FUNNY random. It's just ravings and doodles. That isn't funny when it's so common on this site. O__o

MrScriblam responds:

nothing is 'funny random' because random is a word people assign to things they laugh at for reasons they dont understand

it implies that there was no thought put into any of this, and there was, minimal or not

Mama mia!

This isa good!