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Reviews for "garfrield da cat 3"


...You moron. :D
Ya know, I'm glad now that you made a series out of it, people get what the point is...
You're gonna end up having 5/5 ratings till the end of the series.

Once more some genius bubbles from the beyond

I take my hat off to you sir!

Glad you're keeping the animation as such; tho i think the voice acting and microphone work was a bit too good in this one; too much talking, not enough distorated sounds via the use of heavy breathing close ot the mic (or whatever).

Love the carefree "av it" poke at them ol'.

Ya know what also makes me smile, it seriously does remind me of me, never that bad, but ya know back in the day i possessed Mario Paint for the SNES. Even recorded them bad boy annimations onto a VHS; yeah i'm old skool!!! Step off, or step up to my 8 track disco styles.

Anyway... good job, i hope to see more!


this is worse than the first one. i dont even know why i watched this... i came up

garfrield-da-cat responds:

ur gay

no 2 better

this was pretty awesome as usual

but the music in the other 'finger' scenes was betters in the previnanous epinsode ok

but i did really really love the sk8board

Masterfully done!

Forget that last guy, this is by far your best one yet.

Keep it up!