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Reviews for "Dead Space Two"

Generic review statement!

Hilarious plot summary. Could have been longer, though.

Minus some points for some lying.

I kind of liked the humor part. I beat Dead Space 2 myself today.

However, I don't think you beat the game on hardcore mode the way you say you did. It's impossible. So, sans some points for you.


great game and great jokes too. sure the animation isnt superlative, but the creativity and humor are cool beans. this deserves a very solid 8 out of 10

The brag was unnecessary

Amazing video, hilarious as fuck but the brag kind of cock blocked me from enjoying the video... otherwise would have been a 10.
Btw... you had to have used at least one health pack because the game forces you to at the beginning

This is really good. I can't really understand why, but due to the amount of times I had to play through that game the jokes just seemed funnier when someone else said them. Also, everyone knows that you can't beat dead space 2 without weapons, mostly due to boss battles, as well as the fact that you are forced to use a health pack at the start of the game. Still, this is a very interesting video.